CorpoPetrol Industries
a Worldwide Organization

The World depends on energy to keep it moving.CORPO-PETROL's's mission is to find that energy and to help keep the world strong.

CORPO-PETROL is vigorously pursuing Clean Energy Solutions. CORPO-PETROL is proud of its accomplishment of having developed a technology that can utilize hydrocarbon resources in a clean and responsible manner and is now primed for commercialization. These items alone will be crucial in helping to solve the world's energy issues. Having enough energy is one thing, but producing it in a clean manner and having an environmentally cleaner product is even more important.

Through its exploration, mining, production and the purchasing of existing reserves of crude oil, natural gas and coal CORPO-PETROLis committed to increasing reserves and production through a continuing program of exploration and development, thereby providing the nation with valuable international energy resources.

Combining experienced energy development professionals and the latest sophisticated exploration and mining technology; CORPO-PETROLL seeks to maximize the performance of its exploration projects. This combination allows CORPO-PETROLto improve geological data interpretation reliability in an effort to achieve optimal production and economic outcomes. Technology and teamed with a strong employee base, gives CORPO-PETROL the ability to remain competitive, protect the environment, provide employment opportunities and support our American values of trust and integrity.

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