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CorpoPetrol Industries
a Worldwide Organization

CORPOPETROL is a diversified Global Energy Development Organization with a administrative headquarters offices in Dubai and Panama City, Panama and has representative offices in United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Russia and the US.

CORPOPETROL was established with the purpose of fulfilling our mission to source affordable energy options, including hydrocarbons, alternative and renewable resources, while bridging the gap between demand, supply and logistical anomalies on a global scale. CORPOPETROL will accomplish this mission while incorporating the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and excellence. These operating principals will ensure long and mutually beneficial business relationships and delivery in all phases of the project and subsequent operation.

CORPOPETROL’s strategic activities include; exploration and development, refining and marketing, risk management, hedging and derivative models in the following sectors: crude oil, refined products, residual fuels, natural gas, and coal, also alternative energy resources such as: CTL, GTL, Ethanol and Bio-Diesel Fuels amongst others.

CORPOPETROL’s activity is focused in Europe, Far East, Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean in relation to supplying both the U.S. and International market demands.

CORPOPETROL has the financial foundation and industry expertise, combined with partners strategically located throughout the world to provide the necessary logistical operations to source and transport all the required materials.

This allows CORPOPETROL to accommodate demand on a global basis. Our mission also includes the commitment to protect and enhance the environment as well as promoting growth in areas other than those associated with the financial gain of the nations and regions in which we do business.
CORPOPETROL’s core beliefs and philosophy encompass more than just the exploitation of resources. We believe in fostering social, educational and spiritual success and expansion of the developing world. We deliver projects which create a domino economic effect to the local community which reverberates much wider geographically, resulting in sustainable growth derived from the project through jobs and skills plus the associated hard and service industries for the present and future generations.

Helping to Build a Better World

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